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Saint-Petersburg is known as Venice of the North. This beautiful is attracting more and more visitors each year, both those who are in the city for business, meeting partners from one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the rest of Russian Federation, as well as those who are visiting Petersburg for the city itself. Our idea is to ensure that the visitors to this wondrous city are never alone and that they have the company of Russia’s most beautiful women. And if you know anything about the ladies of the world, you will already know that Russian women are some of the most beautiful and most interesting in the world.

We are a high-class St.Petersburg escort agency that prides itself on its commitment to providing the visitors to Saint-Petersburg with the service like no other in Russia, or for that matter, in the rest of the world. We take our job very seriously and we are constantly improving the way in which we do business. We understand that an escort agency is a service that needs to stay silent in the background, providing the clients with the ultimate experience, but never being crass or too obvious. We are that kind of an escort agency in Saint Petersburg.

We offer escort services of all kinds, from private dinners to organizing company for various events, ranging from corporate dinners to romantic nights on the town. We are efficient, we are to the point and we are transparent in our working. It is our job and our mission to provide our clients  with the ultimate service and we do not cut any corners. For us, the client is the boss and we ensure that our clients feel that way all along the way. What is perhaps the most important thing to remember about us are the girls that work with us. These are all very well-mannered, interesting, well-educated and exciting women who are definitely much more than simply gorgeous faces and stunning bodies. Do not get us wrong, they are that as well, but we realize that our clients want something more than just beauty and sexiness. That is why our selection process is so comprehensive and overwhelming. We know that our clients deserve the best and we do not want them to settle for anything less. It does not matter if the client is looking for a vibrant, spectacularly gorgeous young girl or a more mature lady who knows about the world, we can make sure that they are more than happy with our girl companion. It does not matter if our client is interested in an hourly service in your hotel suite or if they are looking for a special lady with whom you will spend an unforgettable weekend with escort girl in St-Petersburg, our clients can rest assured that we will be able to provide for them. And not only will we provide for them, but we will make sure that they remember us as an agency to contact when they are in Saint-Petersburg.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the classiest, most exquisite personal escort service and we will do everything in our powers to make it happen. Our escort girls are always happy to meet new and exciting people and there is absolutely no reason why you yourself should not contact us once you come to Saint-Petersburg.

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Russian Escort girls Saint-Petersburg сhestnut Eva
Natan about Eva:
She is an amazing lady, with a perfect 10 figure. Great to speak with and Even better to speed time with. Def Cominformul again

Escort girls Saint-Petersburg сhestnut Monica
Jack about Monica:
Like one of the previous reviews, I had not realised what a "GF" actually was until I met Monica. She is simply wonderful. I have had the most fantastic hour. Thanks Monica, you are very special and I cannot wait to see you again.

Saint-Petersburg Escort agencies black Nancy
Mishel about Nancy:
Nancy’s awesome smile greets you and your stress just melts away. Then it just gets more awesome!

Escorts Saint-Petersburg black Natalie
Sergio about Natalie:
Extraordinary woman. So very nice, open and easy to talk to and eager to please. She made me relaxed and comfortable and I had a fantastic hour, enjoyed every minut of it. Thanks Alexandra, hope to see you soon!

Escort girl Saint-Petersburg brown Nina
Alexander about Nina:
What a lovely girl! Beautiful, better than the photos and so welcoming and just altogether totally delightful.

Russia Saint-Petersburg escorts brown Milena
Boris about Milena:
Milena is a very pretty young woman. She was accommodating and very welcoming not to mention easy to get on with. All services were delivered as requested and I highly recommend a visit.